Tom Olesnevich – NYC Streets from Unique Vantage Point

Riding a bike through the city streets of NYC can be a risky experience. You have to keep your wits about you in order to avoid all of the chaos, including speeding taxi cabs, motorcycles, buses, wandering pedestrians, hot dog stands, and even other bikers. New York-based photographer Tom Olesnevich, also an avid cyclist, dares to take on the streets of New York on a regular basis. He says, „When I tell people that I live in NYC and ride my bike here, I get all sorts of curious glances. I have photos of myself riding all over the country and in Europe, but none of NYC. So this spring I set out to show what riding in NYC looks and feels like, to me.“

A sports photographer by trade, Olesnevich regularly seeks out compelling shots of other athletes. But, this time, he decided to document his own personal adventures from a new and interesting perspective in this series entitled NYC By Bike. To capture both his bicycle journey as well as the unsuspecting residents of the city as he passed by, Olesnevich attached his camera to his bike, upside down on a tripod. As he pedaled, he triggered the shutter with an infrared remote and caught all kinds of blurred scenes. Through Times Square, across Central Park, and past several bridges, the photographer ventured all around Manhattan to document the urban beauty of springtime in NYC.

© all images copyright by Tom Olesnevich

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