Matthias Willi – Musicians After a Show

With all the bright, shiny lights, loud music, and dazzling stage routines, audiences sometimes forget that a musician is actually performing during a concert. Professional artists make singing and dancing across the stage seem effortless and easy. But, in reality, the musicians performing in the limelight are really working hard to entertain us.

Since 2005, photographer Matthias Willi and journalist Olivier Joliat have been developing a photographic project entitled The Moment After the Show. In the 144 page publication, the pair has captured the sweaty and exhausted backstage moments of famous musicians, scenes that regular audiences don’t generally get to witness. About 100 bands have participated, including popular names like Metallica, Sonic Youth, Gnarls Barkley, and The Hives. Juliette Lewis and The Licks are also featured in the book, and Lewis’s excitement is evident when she says, „That’s the only way to show who we really are.“

© all images copyright by Matthias Willi

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